maandag 20 april 2015

The question is: Beeswax or NOT ?!

The BIG question....  
De GROTE vraag ...

which one do you like more : the card  
without ...
welke vindt je het mooist : de kaart zonder ...

or with beeswax ? 
... of met beeswax? 

Let me make the decision for you! 
Please watch the process  ...  

warning - a lot of steps, get yourself a cup of coffee.. 
and ENJOY!

and NOTE : I'd like you to watch my craft sheet through all this! 
Gesso, beeswax, decoupage glue, perfect pearls! They just wipe off! 
Except for the beeswax - I heated it with a heat tool to melt, and wiped it off. Easy peasy!
I use a craft sheet (very big one, very sturdy, very affordable too) from  
Happy with it. It covers my whole creating area! LOVE it! 
Laat mij de keuze voor je maken - volg de stappen - 
waarschuwing - veel stappen, dus haal zonodig een bakje koffie, en GENIET!

NOOT : Kijk hoe de craftsheet dat ik gebruik zich gedraagd onder alle processen. 
Gesso, beeswax, decoupage lijm, perfect pearls! Een droog doekje erover en schoon. 
Met uitzondering van de beeswax: heat tool gebruiken om het te smelten, droog doekje erover en schoon. 
Ik heb sinds kort een craftsheet van, het beslaat mijn gehele werkblad, is stevig en ook nog eens niet duur! Heerlijk! 
(heb geen aandelen)
I am entering this in the challenge on
1. Simon says stamp Wednesday challenge - make your own background
2. Mixed Media Monthly - April showers
3. Mixed Media World - use bright colors


Gather all your supplies....(you see : I made a list)
...from paper napkins to... 

 .....the beautiful stamps from Designs By Ryn 
...and ....YES, the melting pot (for adding beeswax)!  

Start by tearing pieces of the tissue paper and  tissue wrap paper.

Using decoupage glue, adhere it to your cardstock...  

.... keep adding more until you're happy. 
Keep in mind that this will just be for filling up the background:
 it will get muted down with gesso. 

Dry top layer with the heat-tool.
 Rub down the tissue paper with a piece of paper on top. 
(this will prevent the tissue paper from tearing)...

Add another layer of decoupage glue.  

This will be the collage with the shell..  (happy??)

Add some color to the background with watercolor crayons 
Apply a watered down layer of gesso. This will let the color run and blend. LOVE this!

  Again - this will be the collage with the shell..  (happy??)

Grab some adirondack inks (or any other water-based ink) to coördinate with the colors.  
Sponge the edges with it... 

 ..adhere some cheesecloth ..

 Grab some watercolor pencils to coördinate with the waterbased ink
 (my colorchart already knows which coordinate). 

 Color the heart and edges of the shell with it ....I used a blue, a green and a rust pencil... 
Also add some of this color in the background (the butterfly for instance).

NOW (don´t tell Ryn!) I did something to my tool (drops stamp) to be able to use it partially!  
 I cut it in parts! 
I'm happy! 

  Stamp the drops randomly in the background,\
... also stamp some on a seperate piece of cardstock, cut these out,.and adhere them to the background, 
Adhere the shell. 
Here you can see that I've added some white to the edges of the shell with an acrylic marker. 

I was unsure whether I would still like it after applying beeswax,
so I decided to photograph the finished card, just in case... 

Add a thin layer of melted beeswax to the whole card. 
Let all the extra beeswax drip off the surface back into the melting pot by heating it with a heat tool. 
Add a thicker layer of beeswax in places where you want to be able to stamp into the beeswax...
I used the edges of the Honey Locust Leaf stamp to add texture to the beeswax: 
heat the beeswax with the heat tool inch by inch and press the stamp into it .

.., and add shine with perfect-pearls.  

 The drops are awesome!

The finished project! 


Last Guest designer post for Designs by Ryn - Thanks Ryn!

Edited to add: 
I won at the Mixed Media Monthly challenge!

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Both cards are gorgeous. I like the abstract touch of the second card.

  2. Wauw Ellie, wat een "proces" !! Je hebt er heel wat werk in gestoken, prachtig ! Ik vind beide versies super, maar de beeswax geeft toch een speciaal effect ! Groetjes Enny

  3. beide zijn prachtige kaarten geworden
    deze techniek ga ik ook zeker eens proberen

  4. Thanks again Ellie for your wonderful tutorial! I love this project and all of the detail that you put into documenting your process creating it. Gorgeous colour work and attention to detail. I just noticed that my scheduled post for Facebook didn't go up earlier today so I'm posting now. Hugs!

  5. Gaaf Ellie, zo'n uitgebreide beschrijving! Heel erg bedankt daarvoor.
    De kaart zonder Beeswax is natuurlijk 'scherper', maar de extra varens in de Beeswax maken de andere wel extra bijzonder.

    groetjes, Trix

  6. Heel erg mooi , Ellie, bedankt ook voor de stap voor stap uitleg!!!


  7. Fab card and great tutorial. I like the card before beeswax better, just because I love the brightness of the blues and yellows which show up more before the beeswax. I love the idea of cutting up the water droplet stamp and I am going to do the same to mine. I don't know why I didn't think of it before - genius! I've just posted a card on my blog using the same stamp.

  8. I like both but the one without beeswax is more vibrant. Congratulations on being picked for the Craft Stamper DT.I look forward to seeing your artwork on a regular basis again.

  9. Prachtig Ellie en een heel duidelijke uitleg, super! Ik helaas geen melting pot maar het resultaat vind ik prachtig! warme groet Miranda

  10. this is gorgeous!!! i love all the layers and i love the added later of beeswax :) also - you are SO ORGANIZED! how awesome :) thank you for playing a long with us at simon says stamp wednesday challenge!

  11. Hi Ellie, beautiful designs with or without bees wax. I will bookmark to look at your detailed tutorial later. Yes I was in the Netherlands and got home yesterday, I'm jet lagged. I'm sorry that I did not see you at the Event, it would be nice to meet you. I met Helen from Magenta which was very nice. Take good care, Shirleyx

  12. ¡Magnífico!
    ¡La mariposa es bella!
    Besos :)

  13. This is a beautiful card. I really love the raindrops. Thanks for joining us this month at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  14. Pretty cards - I Love the effect of the beeswax!! Thanks for the detailed tutorial too!! So glad you us in this month's Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  15. Enjoyed watching your creative process! Beautiful card and I love the raindrops! Thanks for joining us at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  16. drop dead AMAZING and i definitely vote YES to the beeswax. this is a beautiful beautiful card. Thank you so much for playing with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  17. Love this! Thanks for playing the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge with us!

  18. I love this artwork. Can you tell me where you got the add-on butterfly? Is that Butterfly a stamp or part of a napkin? Thanks for sharing your process. I love this kind of mixed media. Cheers!


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