Monday, November 22, 2021

My Creative Monday for Magenta - Stencil play 2

Remember my stencil play from last week Monday? 
I had fun with another stencil this time and added white borders around the stenciled pattern. 

The second beautiful and colorful background looks like this: yes, I have not finished it yet. I will show it later when it's finished!

I love this extra large stencil, a 9 x 12 inch! 

Magenta products used:

Monday, November 15, 2021

My Creative Monday for Magenta - Stencil play


Apply gesso to both pages of a spread in an art journal the size of a stencil. 
Color one page with some bright and wet Nuance colors, put a stencil on top and close the journal. 

Open it the next day, and voila.. 2 very beautiful and colorful backgrounds. 
I chose to add a little extra color in certain areas,, drew around the stenciled pattern and stamped some script, and not add a focal point for now. 

It's fun !

Magenta products used:

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Colorful Flower Circle for Rubber Dance

A colorful flowery card today, yes, I am Ellie ...

I made a colored background on watercolor paper with various Distress Oxide inks and let it dry.

I've wanted to try to make a circle for a while now with just this one stamp. 
I stamped it onto the background in a circle, heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. 

I applied bleach with a tiny brush to decolorize it.The bleach changed the color of the ink I've used to stamp. This time the heat embossing did not protect it as it usually does... not sure why ... 
Plan B; I decided to stamp the images on watercolor paper and fussycut all five of them to be colored later and adhered to the background after all the background stamping was done..

To complete the circle, so the elements were really touching each other,  I added stamped numbers from the Pick A Number stamp set.
For more interest I stamped the Old Book Page script only partially and here and there, and the smaller leaf from the Sketchy Flowers #3 stamp set in 3 places.  

I decided it needed something else in the composition; that's where the ticket from the Mixed Media Marks #2 stamp set came in. I cut it in half, and punched a half-circle out of the bigger part as shown.

I hope you like it and might want to give it a try!
Have a good day!  

Rubber Dance Stamps:

Sketchy Flowers #3

Mixed Media Marks #2

Monday, November 8, 2021

My Creative Monday for Magenta - leaf collage

The focal point : A real leaf from a 'Blue Star' fern that was used on the gelliplate, so colored with some paints.. 

.. and heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

The background : distress inks on poster paper and some salt for the structure... . 

.. and script stamped with rusty ink, heat embossed with clear ... 

... and finally sponged with two different stencils, some circles and berries.

Magenta products used:

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Four mixed media panels for the 2021 Topic 13: Tiny (News) Print with JoFY

For the 2021 Topic 13: Tiny (News) Print
I've made four panels, yes four, and enjoyed every minute creating them !

Hop over to the Paper Artsy blog for more info and fabulous pictures of all panels and a photo step by step tutorial! 

Textured Bird Collage Tutorial

If you've seen my blogpost from yesterday, you would've seen that I made a promise. 

I promised to tell how I've stamped these birds. 
It's not difficult at all: stamp the bird with Aged Mahogony Distress Ink onto a good quality of watercolor paper.
Wet a small watercolor brush and gently wet the areas you want the color to flow into with the brush, by just touching the edge of the stamped line. 
 I chose to leave the image in the stamping tool while doing this; just in case I had to re-stamp the image, but that was not necessary. 
The bird I've used for yesterday's card was done the same way, only it was stamped with Vivid Plum, and color added to the breast and tail of the bird with the same Distress Ink.   

I fussycut the bird, with no white edges. This was the first step for this card, but I did not have a background ready to go with it.
My tip for you today is : make backgrounds as you go, don't throw them out if you do not use them straight away, but save them.
 I have them sorted by color. Easy to find and also easy to match with other product. Works for me! 

What I did, was go through the stash to see if there was any background that would emphasize the beautiful bird image, in other words, a background that made a good match. You can see the collage above, a total of 9+ were great! 

Now the question was which one I would pick. 

Maybe this one with the extra color (green) in the background.. 

.. or this one, a print of a stencil with shimmer paints... ... 

... of this one? Yes.. this one.. I knew it: this one was to become the backdrop for the bird!

 A background that was a leftover from a post I did as a
guest designer for Paper Artsy way back in April 2016!
Can you believe that??  It was for their theme white space!

 It was made with Bistre, before I knew they had Infusions. 
 Bistre and Infusions are quite the same, only the color range differs. 

What did I add?
White heat embossing with a script stamp, the Old Book Page stamp. 

I also stamped the foliage from Pencil Marks #1 in a dark brown, and added white acrylic paint to the leaves for more contrast.
To have the same color value as the brown in the background I added  a little extra contrast to the bird with a dark brown fineliner. 

Finally, I stamped the edge from the Grungy Borders stamp set onto a separate piece of paper, tore all of the edges (also the 2 side edges of the background) and adhered it all to the card base as shown. 
A plus when tearing the edges is that if your card base is the same color white as the background, you can hardly see the edges.

Not difficult is it? 
Have fun! 

Monday, November 1, 2021

New Moodboard for Rubber Dance


Some happy Autumn colors for the NEW CHALLENGE!

Plum - my new go-to color to stamp with at the moment; instead of brown and black/ 

Artistic freedom.. that's what this is called.. never seen a rose hip hanging like that, but it looked better this way :) 

The background looks a little windy, just as the weather here today! 

Tomorrow I will share a tutorial how to stamp and color these birds! 

These are the colors of the new moodboard: 
Come join in the fun...

Rubber Dance Stamps: