Friday, September 30, 2011

Published in Art Specially for you ....

.... on p. 26/27 and 64/65. ..

I am so 'proud'! ..... Maybe thankful is a better word! Thanks Angela!!

ISBN: 975-90-744610-0-2, 72 blz., September 2011
Formaat: 22.5 (h) x 22.5 (b) x 0.7 (d) cm. Gewicht: 400 gram.
Uitgever: Libra & Libris, uitgeverij
trefwoorden: kissing technique inkttechniek inkt eenvoudig stempelen ARTSpecially 13 Art Specially encaustic wax distress stains tykol zentangle Viva Decor

Lekker dik met 8 extra pagina's

Over stempels en vooral de gebruikte technieken blijf je je verbazen. 3 x per jaar verschijnt ARTSpecially magazine en iedere keer weer staat het vol met leerzame technieken om nog meer toepassingen voor je stempels te krijgen. Met in dit extra dikke nummer - naast een uitklapbare stempelwoordenlijst - prachtig werk van o.a. Hermine Koster, Ellie Knol, Marga Dounen, Geralda Jansen, Charry Wijers, Jolande Oosterhout, Judith van Leverink, Marja de Visser, Liesbeth Fidder, Tineke Koedam, Christa Halbesma en vele anderen. Laat je inspireren en laat je veroveren door deze prachtige veelzijdige hobby die stempelen heet.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My first -yes, very first - art journal pages

On a dutch journalgroup we had some real workshops from Willy Anderson -
so I HAD to try this!




circle and flowerheads- Art Journey
Owl Collage- La Blanche
Time stamps - Paper Artsy
line with circles - ?
text 'owl' - Club Scrap 'tiny creatures 2003'
other text - ?
dots stamp - ?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Design Team Member ....

........for Try it on Tuesday. This week is altered week which is sponsored by The Craft Barn. They are giving one very lucky winner a £15.00 voucher to spend in the shop. How fab is that! Go join in !

I used a hard cover childhood book to make this photo frame.
PS - This is my daughter, Karlien, when she was 5 years old (16 years ago now) - don't tell her, she doesn't like this photograph! LOL


Cut out the top 4 pages to create the frame part. Tear off the plastified top layer of all pages, so the gesso will hold onto it. Glue all the pages together, except for the two the photograph has to be attached to. Paint the frame with a layer of gesso. Allow to dry. Add a layer of Viva Terra, and stamp into it with some (Katzelkraft) stamps to get a texture. Leave it to dry. Paint it with black acrylic paint, and while wet wipe off most of it with a damp cloth. Allow to dry. Paint with white acrylic paint, wipe off most of it with a damp cloth. Allow to dry. Buff with Pearl-ex. Mask the photograph and stamp the text (Katzelkraft) over it several times with StazOn timber brown. Use the same text and ink to stamp on the frame as well. Attach the photograph in the frame, and glue these two pages together as well with doublesided tape. To seal it all, spray it with hairspray.  

I am also entering this in the challenge on Make My Monday - anything but a card. 


Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Team piece for Fashionable Stamping Challenges

which is 'vintage'. I can’t believe it’s the fifth challenge already!
... and it's also my entry for Inkurable Stampers - eyelets....
and I am entering this on the Sarah Hurley challenges which is also vintage.

ADDED LATER: Go have a look on Mariëtte's . blog!!!  I admire her work so much, and now she used this card as inspiration... it's an honor.... thanks Mariëtte!

Do you see that little insect on the left... that was where I touched the CS with some ink on my finger - oops - so I made it to be an insect.... 

Plant - Sirius Hobby
Text from Paper Artsy, Stampers Anonymus, Rajastamps, and some I don't know

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Katzelkraft day for me today!

Your delicate wings rapidly beat the air
The sleekness of your weightless body hovers
Curiously observing as though you care
Steadily searching for lifelong endeavors.

Do you bring a message of a tranquil destiny?
Does your evolving maturity convey wisdom?
If I follow, will I find harmony or perplexity?
As you disappear… I am serenely lonesome....

by Theresa Ann Moore 

My turn on the Katzelkraft blog today!
This card just happened, that blue invited me to use this dragonfly! The - wings stamp set -  is such a versatile and beautiful stamp set!

I am entering this in the Stampman challenge  - A Perfect pear/pair...

Friday, September 23, 2011

This card I started a while ago....


Big silhouette - Unity Stamps
Smaller ones - Hero Arts
Lavendel - Darkroom Door
Text - Paper Artsy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Challenge Less Is More - anything goes

For the challenge on Less is More 



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Playing with embossing and ink!

Fish collage : Stampers Anonymus
Text - Danielle Johnson for Limited Edition 
Post Card - Stampers Anonymus
Postage stamp - Darkroom Door

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

TAG with wings - Katzelkraft wings




I attached the tag to a card:

On this tag I used a mix of gesso and woodglue over a sponged distress background.... gives a nice chalky effect!

 Katzelkraft - butterflies and dragonfly -'Wings'
text 'Symphonie'

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pressing grass with the Big shot ?!

Isn't it amazing, the grass actually colored the paper all by itself!?
I got this idea from Miek, she's got a beautiful tutorial on her blog, and also used it on cards, and she's been posting the results for months now. 

I am entering this in the challenge on JUST FOR FUN - Shades of green.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutorial with Goosebumps


Stamp the dragonfly on white cardstock and on a piece of masking paper as well.
Cut out the mask.

                        Mask the dragonfly, and stamp the text with StazOn Timber Brown. 
Keep the stamped image masked and spray over it with the Goosebumps -  here I chose to spray not far above the cardstock, so I got big puddles.  Allow it to dry. 
 Sponge over it with Distress ink rusty hinge and bundled sage. Blend the colors a little bit. 
Splat some waterdrops over it. 
Allow it to dry. 

Color the dragonfly with some watercolor pencils....
                 Stamp the text twice more, don’t re-ink the second time. Also stamp the other text.

I did not like the big puddle on the right hand side, so I decided to change that. I started tearing, but wasn't satisfied either. So I grabbed a piece of paper, sponged it in Distress ink bundled sage and bundled sage. I attached it to the back of the cardstock. I still wasn't satisfied... so i decided to put some ehite acrylic paint over it (with a finger!), also the edge on the right hand side. As there is Distress ink underneath it, it got a bit yellowy.. 
I can live with it now..... 

 …but at this stage I decided I was going to do it differently next time I use Goosebumps !!! No big puddles for me anymore!! 
The result isn’t too bad, is it? 
What I also wanted to show you here, is that you have to keep going on, change things as you go - it adds interest to the card when you have to think about what to do when something hasn’t turned out the way you want it to be! 
Try fixing it, or try to make your focal point differently....

* Drying time varies based on coverageand surface texture/type
*.GooseBumps dries clear; water resistant when dry
.* Distance from project when sprayed determines GooseBumps texture
(farther=finer, closer=concentrated)
*.Always rinse nozzle and flush sprayer with warm water immediately after each use for best spray results. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stempel Mekka in Hagen - 2011

Saturday the 10th of September I've been to the Stempel-Mekka in Hagen, with Myra
We had a private driver! YES, my son; Anton; he took one of his friends with him, they had a nice day in Germany!!
We arrived at about a quarter past ten. We were on the wrong address first as we were navigated to the "Wasserschloss", instead of to the Wasserlose tal.....
Afgelopen Zaterdag ben ik naar de Mekka geweest in Hagen, samen met Myra.
We hadden een privé chauffeur, JA!, mijn zoon; Anton, hij had één van zijn vrienden mee, en ze hebben er een heerlijk dagje Duitsland van gemaakt.  We waren er net na tienen, nadat we verkeerd waren gereden, o, nee, mijn zoon was verkeerd gereden! Ze hadden de navigatie ingesteld op Wasserschloss, en we kwamen dus inderdaad uit bij de 'Wasserschloss'.

I had a free entrance-ticket from Art-Journey, Myra too, so we could walk past the long tow. 
Ik had een gratis entree-kaart gekregen van Art-Journey, Myra ook. Daarom hoefden we niet in de lange rij te staan. 

I did not spend much money, but did go home with beautiful stamps....
After I had been at the event for a few hours, I also went to the Katzelkraft stand and introduced myself to Beatrice (owner of Katzelkraf). I've been on the Design Team for Katzelkraft for only a few weeks now.
So, this way, I got my first A4 sized stamp set, I chose this beautiful set - Wings.
Ik heb niet veel geld uitgegeven! Maar wel huiswaarts gekeerd met hele mooie Katzelkraft stempels...
Ná eerst even rustig alles bekeken te hebben, ben ik ook, toen het wat rustiger werd, naar de Katzelkraft stand gegaan, en heb me voorgesteld aan Beatrice (eigenaresse van Katzelkraft). Ik ben nog maar een aantal week lid van het Design Team van Katzelkraft.

En zo kreeg ik mijn eerste A4 vel met stempels, ik heb deze prachtige set uitgekozen
- Wings.

Time is just running away on an event like this, especially when you also join in on some make-and-takes. When I came to the Katzelkraft stand later on, Beatrice asked me in her french-english way  'Do you wanna sit ?'. I didn't have to think on that one, so I said :'Yes, I'd like to'. I tjhink she thought I said no, because when I asked her when she was going outside to have a smoke, she asked very surprised 'Do you really want to demonstrate?'
Tijd vliegt op zo'n beurs, en al helemaal als je ook de make-and-takes een beetje afloopt. Toen ik later weer bij de stand van Katzelkraft kwam, vroeg Beatrice me op haar frans-engels 'Do you wanna sit ?'.
Daar hoefde ik niet lang over na te denken, en ik zei 'Yes, I'd like to'.  Ze was ervan uitgegaan dat ik nee zei, volgens mij, want toen ik haar vroeg wanneer ze dan een sigaretje ging roken, vroeg ze 'Do you really want to demonstrate?', met hele grote verbaasde ogen..


There I was...sitting at a 'strange' table -  sometimes up to approx 12 stamp-addicts around it, I didn't even know where the heattool was, so I just had a look through all the drawers..LOL  Beatrice had gone outside to take a break.....I've been playing the rest of the afternoon, until I had to go home. It's been a little difficult in the beginning, because I had to do it unprepared, and with just a few supplies, Distress inks, the stamps from Katzelkraft, and a product called 'Goosebumps'. I've never heard of it before, nor used it, I've only seen some examples Beatrice has used it on.
Dus daar zat ik, bij tijden een stuk of 12 klanten om de tafel, ik wist niet waar de heattool lag, heb maar van alles open getrokken, haha. Beatrice was naar buiten. En zo heb ik de rest van de middag lekker gekliederd. Was eerst wel even wat lastig, want ik moest het doen met wat er stond, wat distress-inkt, de stempels van Katzelkraft, en een product dat 'Goosebumps' heet. Ik had dat nog nooit eerder gezien of gebruikt, alleen gezien dat Beatrice het op een aantal voorbeeldkaarten had gebruikt.

While busy, I sometimes had to explain that I was just another customer of the Mekka, and showed them the stamp on my hand. There were also dutch customers of course, so while I was busy explaining something to a dutch person, I heard two others saying in Dutch : 'is Katzelkraft a Dutch company?" LOL
There were also peope asking for the techniques I used, so I promised to put some of it on my blog, and wrote the blog-address down on a piece of paper. A few times there was this hilaric moment that somebody said, 'I know this blog... are you ?!'  Funny....
Beatrice returned later on, she also had something to eat, and so I was demonstrating, and she had the comfort of helping customers....... she even had a quick look on the event, her husband was doing the counter....
Het grappige was dat ik wel een aantal keren moest uitlleggen dat ik ook maar gewoon klant was van de Mekka, en liet dan maar mijn stempel op mijn hand zien. Op een gegeven ogenblik was ik in het nederlands iets aan het uitleggen, en hoorde ik op de andere hoek van de tafel iemand tegen haar vriendin zeggen: is Katzelkraft een Nederlands bedrijf? Lachen.
Ook vroegen mensen om de technieken, die ik maar wat uit mijn mouw zat te schudden, natuurlijk, en heb beloofd het op mijn blog te zetten. (Komt nog!) Wanneer ik hun dan een papiertje gaf waar ik mijn blog adres op had geschreven, kwam er een aantal keer de verbaasde vraag - maar die blog ken ik!! ... ben jij.....?! Grappig....
Beatrice kwam later terug, nadat ze ook wat had gegeten, en ze ging de klanten helpen, etc. ....ze is zelfs ook nog de beursvloer op geweest, haar man stond bij de kassa. 

There's been something else very funny! Did you see the note on 'my' desk - 'I speak English'? LOL - I only saw this note on the photographs Myra has taken, no wonder that even Dutch people asked me questions in English - some were really sweating! 
Wat ik helemaal grappig vond, is dat er een bordje stond met 'I speak English'.. hilarisch - dat zag ik pas op de foto's die Myra had gemaakt - geen wonder dat er zelfs nederlanders engels met me spraken... en zij maar zweten...

Beatrice told me afterwards that the stamps I used, suddenly got sold more, and the Goosebumps I was working with, also got sold a lot. I don't  think I am that type of customer - buying something that gets demonstrated?! I did buy a Goosebumps later on, though! It's so gorgeous to work with!
Beatrice vertelde later dat ze merkte dat de stempelsets waar ik mee werkte, ineens heel veel verkocht werd, van de flesjes Goosebumps is er heeeel veel verkocht, grappig he? Ik geloof niet dat ik zó'n beursganger ben, die koopt wat er gedemonstreerd wordt?! Ik heb later wel een flesje Goosebumps gekocht, is echt een aanrader!

I can't show you any of the thingies I made, I forgot to take photographs, and didn't even think of taking it with me...I didn't want to be 'paid' for the demonstrating, but Beatrice insisted I would choose two A6 sheets as a thanks. I chose these two beautiful sets, the bateau-en-mer and the collage-symphonie.
Ik kan niets laten zien van wat ik heb gemaakt, want ik heb alles laten liggen... ook vergeten foto's te maken.... Als dank mocht ik nog two A6-sheetjes uitkiezen, ook al wou ik niet 'betaald' worden - deze 2 prachtige sets heb ik gekozen, de bateau-en-mer en de collage-symphonie .

I had a very nice experience... and also got beautiful stamps when returning home!
It was so good to do the demonstrating.      I REALLY ENJOYED!              
Thanks Beatrice!
Ik ben een hele mooie ervaring rijker.... en hele mooie Katzelkraft stempels!
Het was zo leuk om te doen!!                       IK HEB GENOTEN!!               
Bedankt Beatrice!