Friday, June 26, 2020

I LOVE mixed media Rudbeckia for Rubber Dance

Have you seen this post about 2 weeks ago on
the Rubber Dance blog ?? NO ?

Then you're lucky because I like to share all of my creations on my blog as a central place. 

Today from me, Ellie Knol from PAPER-STAMPS-COLOR a spread in my recycled book journal with torn edges.
I adhered a gelliprint onto the spread in blue and reds, made with some mesh to create texture. 

I had to stop myself adding more and more... the background stamps from the Mixed Media Marks and Round In Circles set and Art Defined script add layers of gorgeous stamping. Some were stamped with black, others with blue and red inks. 

The heart and circles were stamped onto a seperate piece of cardstock, fussycut and adhered to the pages; this to make them pop more. 

I really hope you are doing well, and got inspired by my post!!
Have a good day... and till next time.. 

Rubber Dance Stamps:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fishy booklets for Rubber Dance

Today two recycled booklets I will use as mini art journals on the
Rubber Dance blog today!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Book 29 for series52

This is book 29 in my book series. 

Eight signatures in a cover-like booklet... using a piece of cardboard to hold the signatures by stitching them onto it with a coptic type of stitch, which, when finished gets adhered onto the inside of the spine... 

I am entering this in the challenge on 

1. series 52 - just a play with creating a book.. 52 of them: a challenge I set to myself - Book 29

Monday, June 22, 2020

My Creative Monday for Magenta - Fluid watercolors onto photo paper part 4

I share new samples of the technique today...

Haven't seen the technique? 

First off, just the originals after it had dried... 5 of them.. 

AND, of course three samples of cards...

.. more to come!! 
Other stencils and other mediums too... what to think of glimmermists? .. be continued.. 

Magenta products used:

Monday, June 15, 2020

Challenge at Impressions Obsession

The challenge on the Impression Obsession blog is 'on the farm' - I found this little owl behind the barn... 

My Creative Monday for Magenta - Fluid watercolors onto photo paper part 3

I share three new samples of the technique today...

 I really hope you've tried it!!
Haven't seen it? 

I've simply added script and doodled with a white acrylic marker to define the flowers of the stencil.  


The second one is pretty much the same...
both are from the second part of the technique.. 


No doodling on this one... isn't it stunning?
This is the outcome of the first part of the technique.

Can you tell? I LOVE this technique!!

Magenta products used:

Friday, June 12, 2020

I LOVE mixed media Rudbeckia for Rubber Dance

On the Rubber Dance blog a spread in one of my journals today..
This is one side of it.. so head over to their blog for more eye candy ...

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Art Journey al 17 jaar ..

.. en nog steeds mooi om mee te werken! 

De uitdaging deze maand is :
Maak iets feestelijks waar het cijfer 17 op vermeld moet staan

Monday, June 8, 2020

My Creative Monday for Magenta - Fluid watercolors onto photo paper part 2

Have you seen the technique last week?
 I promised to do this as part two...

The basic technique on an ATC:

- Where we left off last week: the mask on the photo paper and all the inky colors on top of it, and seeping underneath the mask as well. 

.. to continue HOW TO BASICS:
- Now simply place a second piece of photo paper faced-down on top of it and rub gently over this pile of cardstock with the mask in between.
- Remove this second background. Now you can also remove the mask from the first one. 
- Leave to dry. 


Another example which resulted in a card ... 

To finish it off, stamp a script with a solvent ink onto the background and add some white details with a white acrylic marker.  


Sometimes it's even possible making a third background when there is still enough color on the mask.
First mist it with a little water. 

More to come next week Monday!! 

Magenta products used:

I cut the edge off of this stencil, to create a mask