Monday, January 29, 2018

Book 4 - for series 52

week 4 : book 4. 

This time a booklet from one sheet of 12x12 inches (30x30 centimeters) scrapbook paper. .. SO: each page measures 6x6 centimeters...

  I chose to make the pages as a pocket at the top. 

I've added some extra green to the pages with Distress ink!  

I've added some heat embossing in white to the pages..
.... all of them with number themed stamps 

I've added a piece of fabric to the spine to make it stronger ... 

Hope you like it!!
Please leave a comment if you do.. that inspires me to make more :)

I am also entering this in the challenge on
1. SSS Monday challenge  blog- resist it

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Book 3 - for series 52

week 3 : book 3. 

Binding it with a stitch so the whole book opens flat. 
This binding can be used when you have to bind pages that are not folded. 

This is the tiniest book I have made so far....  3,5 x 3,5 centimeters.  

The pages are from very thick watercolor paper ...  the covers from red leftover cardstock, 2 layers glued together to make them a little thicker than the pages..

Don't you love it?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

NEW PaperArtsy Products Eclectica³ {Kay Carley} !!!

YES, I am up on the Paper Artsy blog as a wingman for Kay Carley's new range of product! 
Grab a cup of coffee, as there is a LOT to see! 
Now you know what I was doing during christmas time, hehe. 

NEW Eclectica³ {Kay Carley} Jan 2018

When I signed in to become a wingman for Kay's new release, I did not know what stamps I was going to work (play) with, not all of them anyway. I was not disappointed, they're great! It is a release where you can pick any stamp and get beautiful stamped images right away! AND match all of them, too.

Let SPRING begin because these stamps are breathing it!! 

I chose to use gelliprinted backgrounds for my samples, made with the beautiful Fresco Finish Acrylic paints.
I had my GelliPlate from Hobbycompleet De Duif in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands;
approx A4 size!!

I hope to do a YouTube video on the making of these soon.. just have to figure out how to get it to YouTube or FB, and all in between :) ; the creating is no problem!!

I do not show the stamp sets and stencil sets as a picture, for that, please hop over to the Paper Artsy blog..
.... there's also samples from Kay herself, and from Helen Chilton, the other wingman for Kay.. (scheduled to go live: Kay at 19:00, mine at 19:30 and Helen's at 20:00)

AND of course.. on the other nights there are other releases as well! 

SO here we go!!


Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 12 (EKC12) 

I love this stamp set, you can add so much depth and make a playful flowery scene with it. They will never be the same as you can stamp all of the stamps in different settings, and of course...

 .... you can change the colors as well!

.. stamping on a circle gelli print.. yes, glitter too...
  a close-up

  This stamp is also on the EKC12 plate... yes really!


Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 13 (EKC13)

Another very playful set: never enough flowers!! And if all weeds were daisies: wouldn't that be marvellous?? I've made more samples with this set, go check it out on my blog! 

 So, say for yourself: using this stamp set is pure joy!! 


Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 14 (EKC14)

To be true, after I'd stamped (masking partially other stamped images) I did not like it at all!! After adhering the white fussy-cut flowers over the bigger flowers, it came to life... and then the fun part began: adding color to the smaller flowers, 
and YES: glitter! For Kay, as she loves glitter!
This is a stamp set that stole my heart! 
It also matches up with so many other stamp sets from Kay, so you can easily mix and match all of them!!

LOVE the backgrounds of these as well.

 ATC from leftovers of previous project.

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 15 (EKC15)

This stamp set is a must-have!! Look at these beautiful flowers, with tiny little details that you can highlight, or leave it to speak for itself. 
I must admit that at first - when I saw the stamp set for the first time - it was not one of my favorites of this new release from Kay. 
BUT, it is one now! 
You can really go loose with it, only using one in a CAS style, or a few.. or fill your whole project. 
I used the masking technique to be able to stamp one flower in front of the other. 


Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 16 (EKC16)

Some more glitter (different colors) after coloring with watercolor pencils on the flower tree (it is such a feast looking at this tree!) ........ it's a beautiful design!  

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 17 (EKC17)

 This stamp set is very suitable to make scenes, as silhouettes, or even add color to parts of it. 
 YES, I actually addes some glitter on this project as well! These stamps can also be used for white heat embossing to be able to sponge around it in color!! They will stand out very nicely then: will have to give that a try!!

 The new MINI's : I've used 6 of the 8 new ones on these samples!
 Aren't these birds cute ?

LOVE this stamp set (EM27), these butterflies are so versatile as they can be used to finish off a project, or as I used them here on a tag, all by itself! 

This also applies to the other set with butterflies (EM26);
 I've used both stamp sets on various projects as you can see on other projects in this blogpost! 

New stencils from Kay; these are the samples I made for the post: there are 6 new stencils in her collection!

 I've used the stencil PS075 here with sponging over it....

.... but also with structure paste. 

 I've used the stencil PS076 in the background, sponging it with Snowflake Fresco paint. It gives so much depth to the background this way!!

Do you like to add squiggly accents to you project? Then you need to have stencil PS077... I've used it here on a tag with EM27 (I chose a close-up here).  This stencil is a must-have for art journalers too, it fills a background very easily, or used as a frame around the edges as seen in the next sample: what do you think??

 For me stencil PS078 is all about the sun! We need some yellow and warm rays of it.. 
I've used it to make a gelliplate print, to fill the background. As with other stencils, use your imagination to use it in a project- cards, art journaling, mixed media...

I've used part of the stencil PS080 to add to the background of a tag featuring mini EM32.. just sponged over it with distress inks: easy peasy! 


AND then, as my last project, not the least I hope: 
.... as the cherry on the cake: 
I've also made a booklet from pink envellopes: 

... 8 envellopes to be precise: all 6 tags I've made fit in it! 

It's got a front cover... 

.... and a back cover! 

This particular gelliprint on the covers has been made with fresco paints and the paint retarder!  YUMMY!! 
Need to show you...  some other time!! 

SO that's it for today.. 
I hope you have not finished your cup of coffee yet; more to come from Helen Chilton tonight, remember, her blogpost will go live a half hour after this one: also featuring these gorgeous new product designed by Kay!! 

ENJOY!! I did!!

See you next time!