maandag 7 augustus 2017

Playing with Minx Shimmering Inks - no 6

Remember these posts Playing with Minx -4 
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Remember that, on an old table: using a bucket of water and paper, and of course ... Minx,
I created a whole bunch of backgrounds?? 

Today's post features the beautiful vibrancy of the Minx Shimmering Inks.
 The background on canvas paper.. still wet but drying in the sun!

Later on, I discovered that I must have dropped some water on it by mistake, as it had more drops than showing on this photo... that's part of the fun!
I had to be everywhere, because the robot lawnmower wanted to mow over my backgrounds sometimes, hehe.

I wanted to enhance the drops, so I did not cover it up, but overstamped and used the background as part of the images.
Don't forget.. there is a Snapguide at the end of this post, showing the steps to achieve the finished card.

A close-up: watch the droplet... with the inks all pushed to the edges of it. I think that's magic... I couldn't have painted it that way!

 Now for the second background:  very different paper, but a beauty too!

I cut it to size...

... and created this:

I sponged these tiny dots from the Lotus Stencil around the edge.

...for step-by-steps of this second card too, please see the Snapguide.


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