maandag 15 januari 2018

Book 1 - for series 52

I want to create a book a week for the rest of 2018!!!!

(I've created 3 already, so I am up to date!!)

Here is number 1.
 I am sharing this in a FB groep called series 52,
and it's all about creating something a year long;
the choice what you want to create is your own...
so somebody else might want to de a sketch a week.. 

This is my text on that FB page:

"Series 52 - my first week .. a tiny booklet... it measures 6x6 centimeters..

... : 7 stitched signatures (3 folded watercolor paper per signature) , binded it with a hard cover (cotton fabric to cover the covers)... even the head bands are there.. so the most used binding in the book industry, I think.
.... I want to make a book (I think they are all going to be mini's, just to practice the binding etc. ) every week. Wanted this for a long time now, and decided to take this up through 2018 at Series 52 

... . It's about the making, not the filling of the book with art.. not at this stage anyway.. I might change my mind during the process....
This one is going to hold all passport photo's from one of my sons.. I think .. not sure yet..

HOPE YOU like it!!"

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