maandag 6 januari 2014

Pan Pastel and stencils

Voor mijn nederlandse volgers - zie de blogpost op het Pan Pastel BNL blog. 

 Pan Pastel and monoprinting.  
1. I used (part of) a monoprint to start with. To color a monoprint with Pan Pastel is so nice, as the coloring can  be done so subtle. Also, because of the use of acrylic paint on the monoprint, the paper is not smooth anymore, and it makes that the Pan Pastel 'sticks' well to the paper . 
2. Stamp the script with versamark and color it with Pan Pastel. I used Ultramarine Blue 520.5 and Red Iron Oxide 380.5
3. Fixate the colors. 
4.  Accentuate the word ART with a white gel pen.
5. Adhere a few butterflies to the card. Color them with Red Iron Oxide 380.5
The leaf used in the monoprinting is a custom-made stencil. 
Stamps are from Stampers Anonymus (script) and Unity Stamps (butterflies).

 Another way to combine Pan Pastel and stencils:
1. Color the background with Violet 470.5.
2. Put the poinsettia stencil on the cardstock, swipe versamark over it, and color it with Pan Pastel, colors Yellow Ochre 270.5, Phtalo Green 620.5, Permanent Green 640.5 and Red Iron Oxide 380.5. 
3. Remove the stencil, stamp the script with versamark, and color the background with Pan Pastel. 
I used the 3 greens mentioned in step 2. 
4. Stamp the sentiment with a white ink. Use a white gel pen to accentuate the flower, and overwrite the sentiment with it also, to have the same white as the poinsettia.
5. Draw a doodle around the edges with the white gel pen, color it outside the edges with different colors Pan Pastel.
6. Fixate the colors. 
The script stamp is from Stampers Anonymus. 
The stencil is also custom-made. It has been designed by Yogi , and I asked whether I could use it; she was so kind to send the design to me, for personal use, how kind is that?!

The two technique cards that are going into my technique box are: 

To see what this technique box is for, have a look here:

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  1. This is beautiful and makes me want to get my poor neglected Pan Pastels out of the draw they are hiding in :)

  2. So delicate just love them :)
    Von ☺

  3. Absolutely stunning work - especially that first one, which definitely joins my list of favourites of yours, Ellie - wow!
    Alison xx


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