vrijdag 29 juli 2016

Gelliprinting with Fresco Acrylic Paints and Infusions

A post about colormixing, for Paper Artsy this time!
That can be very messy, but o SO fun! 

I did a tutorial on mixing colors; not just different colors but also different mediums; Fresco Acrylic Paints  and Infusions.
I’ve used the gorgeous Hot Picks stamp collection!

First I’ll show a step-by-step on the backgrounds, then 3 of the cards; I’ve made six in total; you can admire all 6 on my own blog: ??? 

Let’s go! 


Step One:  Add two tiny dots of Fresco Acrylic Paint Snowflake and Beach Hut onto a round 8” gelliplate. Mist with a tiny bit of water. Brayer it over the entire plate. I chose to not mix the colors that well.
Step Two:  Sprinkle a tiny bit of Royal Blood Infusions onto the plate; additionally mist with a tiny bit of water. Brayer over it in one direction until you are satisfied with the mixing of it. 

Step Three: Now for the fun part: pull a print.
 Additionally brayer all the inky goodness from your brayer onto cardstock. 


Step Four: Add some stamping to it, and assemble to a card. 


An example of mixing Snowflake and Yellow Submarine Fresco Acrylic Paints, plus Sunset Beach Infusions

 An example of mixing Snowflake and Glass Blue Fresco Acrylic Paints, plus Sunset Beach Infusions

Now for the other 3 cards: 

It's so easy to do! Just go play! 

TIP - To get a crisp stamped image on surfaces with acrylic on it, is difficult sometimes. When stamping on these backgrounds see to it that you are able to stamp multiple times with a MISTI, or any other stamping tool. I've made my own. 

The sky is the limit here, right?!

Hope you can use this as inspiration to create your own unique projects!

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