woensdag 28 januari 2015

The Original Documented Life Project: - 3

 I am doing the Original Documented life projectthe January theme being: 
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
 Art challenge for the 3rd week:  The Color Wheel
The prompt is:  "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way . . . “    - Georgia O’Keeffe

about the prompt, I let the page speak for itself... I did not add the prompt to the page itself. 
I am saying how much I love my Creator for all the beauty in nature.. not just for that though!

All the colors of the colorwheel are here.. 

 LOVE how this turned out, and it was super easy. 

NOTE: My camera does not like all those colors; the heart of the flower: it looks as if there is a yellow ring over the petals, IRL it's not that yellow. 

1. Start by scribbling color onto the page with watercolorcrayons. 
2. Add watered-down gesso to blend the colors, cleaning the brush between the colors (otherwise you get muddy colors). 
3, To even more knock down the colors, add white acrylic paint, and scribble into that to give some interest. 
4. Leave to dry. (difficult!)
5. Adhere a paper napkin (parts of it) with decoupage glue. Leave to dry. 
6. Add color to the outer parts of the petals and dilute with a waterbrush. 
7. Add shadow with a black pen. 
8. Stamp a script in the background.

 I SO love that you can see through the paper napkin, and the layers of the underlaying layers are visible. 

That effect LOOKS GREAT, as far as I am concerned. 

What do you think, ....will you give this a try??? 

Script - PSX

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  1. Aparte en leuke achtergrond waar de kleurrijke bloem prima bij past!

  2. That's full of life and color are amazing, love it!!


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