donderdag 14 juli 2016

3UP July 2016 for Paper Artsy!

You know me by now, I think...
I like challenges.
It makes me have to think outside the box. 
SO, when I saw this 3UP challenge for July, I thought - why not? 
When I received the to-be-used stamps, I saw - to my astonishment -  that they are Lynn Perella stamps.
How on earth was I going to use these?!
They are so different to any style of stamps I have ever used!
I really prefer nature related stamps!


BUT, to be honest.. I amazed myself in finishing this project so fast, and it was such fun, that I am now really feeling different about this type of stamps. I couldn't have imagined that!! 

The difficulty about receiving a package is also, that you have to limit yourself to just that product, and the color it contains. 

After making a list of possible techniques, objects and materials I could add, I went with the flow, and was SO happy!  
Yes, I always tend to do difficult things first, rightaway, haha. 

I started by making backgrounds with the different colors of Infusions, 2 reds, a blue and yellow, tried do some mixing as well. 
The blue had my preference immediately. If you go through the writing in the description of the steps you will discover why, I'm sure! 

The finished project- an altered CD-tin and CD:
I still need to add some music to the CD; from Vivaldi, or Bach maybe?!


Start by heat embossing the woman with black, and the orrnament stamp with white.  

The heat embossing acts as a resist for the color. Before adding the Infusion powder, cover any surfaces that you want to keep white, like the face, with a medium; I've used Teykol. Goosebunos or even matte medium will work too!
Sprinkle a tiny bit of the Infusion powder onto the surface, not covering the whole of it!  
Mist water over it, and use a brush to manipulate the colors to blend a little (upper part of background, or leave the water alone to do it's job all by itself (lower part of the background). 

Let the puddles run, by tilting the card. When dry, clean up the face and other areas you've covered with medium; and also the white heat embossing. Use a dry cloth, as otherwise the Infusions will react to the wetness. 
LOVE all the different colors in the Royal Blood Infusions
from purple to deep blue, and even some greenish teal tints.
 Cut it out to fit the tin.

Add white heat embossing to the edges of the tin. Add background stamping; I've used a script stamp and a bubble stamp. I added color to the bubbles with a watercolor pencil.  

Make a second background, and stamp only the woman, not the ornament, and leave out the heat embossing of it. Also add a second-generation stamping of the woman on the left habd side of the CD background. Stamp with the same script stamp as used on the lid of the tin. Cut it to size and adhere to the CD.


Some more photo's !

I am entering this in the challenge on
1. A vintage journey - monochromatic

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