woensdag 19 april 2017

Playing with Minx shimmering inks - no 3 !

I am not finished playing with the MINX shimmering inks yet!

(I'm on the Art Anthology blog today) 

Today I chose to play with MINX inks in combination with a custom made ink pad.
 That's really so much fun.. you MUST give it a try!

Please have a look at the Snapguide at the end of this post for step-by-steps of the 2 techniques in this post. The supplies used also get mentioned there. 


Technique ONE is using the inks on the pad for stamping.

Changing the above card with just a touch of 2 stencils.


Technique TWO is finishing up all that beautiful ink on your pad.

Using these backgrounds for one-of-a-kind cards.


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