zondag 10 september 2017

Out and about with Magenta... a workshop from me...


I've made a new workshop, called WS0003 RESIST,
to be taught here at my house;
 I might have done a few sessions of it by the time
you read this post.  (it´s 21/8 today) .... 

It's always fun to teach workshops in making backgrounds and complete it with beautiful stamps! 
This is one of the samples I've made for the workshop, but the candidates can use any (Magenta) stamps after making the background.
There's different extra's too, different colors, and tips to change it or make the technique work better. 
Still not sure what the substrate will be we will be working on .. I have to give that a think! 

3 stamps from Magenta featured here: 

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  1. Gorgeous card Ellie, with a beautiful background like all the ones you do and which is your speciality. The ladies will have certainly a great time creating such cards or a canvas with you!
    I wish you the best for your coming workshops!!


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