Monday, January 6, 2020

My Creative Monday for Magenta - negative watercoloring

I found this technique from The Homegrown Artist on You Tube,
and decided I can use masks and stencils to achieve the same effect.

Enjoy the process. 
I used a pearlescent watercolor to make the first card. 


Start on a colorful background, not one with too dark colors. 

Draw the lines of the stencil with a pencil and fill in the negative space with a fairly light blue watercolor, the same tint of blue used in the background. Add a darker line with a fineliner; I used black but you can use any color of course.

Reposition the stencil at a different angle, and draw the lines of a second layer of leaves, fill in the negative space with a slightly darker blue watercolor. 

Repeat the process until you are happy with the intensity and contrasts of the leaves. 


This is the first card I've made with the technique; for the first layer I used the masks to sponge around it with Distress Inks.
For more dimension I used a pink Posca acrylic marker. Only 2 layers on this one. 


Magenta products used:


  1. Oh, dat heb je prachtig gedaan ! En wat een tof idee om zo'n kleurige achtergrond te gebruiken, super mooie blaadjes ! Groetjes, Enny


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