Saturday, February 4, 2023

Vintage Book cover with jute - book no 36

YES,  book 36 for series 52

The book measures 19 x 21 centimeters, the 16 plastic pockets inside of it 13,5 x 19 centimeters.

For further info on this series, please see this post

 The book cover is from MDF; the front cover in 2 pieces, a narrow strip for the hinge on the left, and a wider part to act as the actual cover. is covered with the jute to makes for the hinge, and the jute thread to hold the pages. The back cover is one solid piece, the MDF is about 4 mm thick. 
 The 'pages' are plastic pockets for 13x18 centimeter photographs or any other content that size, of course.

To start, I white washed the jute with a watered down acrylic paint.
 It was fun just using a tiny piece of colored background to fill the ellips frame. The leftovers were then cut into various sizes of circles to extend the color to the rest of the cover. 

Background stamping with black ink and mixed media stamps was added to both the back and front cover. White accents adds more depth, done with white acrylic paint and an acrylic marker. 

The ellips is the focal of the book, and the fussy cut foliage fits right in the center of it all.  

All in all it has a vintage style as a start, with the torn edges (jute) and the basic color of the jute, but adding a color and white wash effects it changes to a modern but shabby chic style (I think, lol). 

White paint splatters, vintage buttons and lace finish it off.  

For info on the product, please check out my post on the Rubber Dance blog

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