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Topic Rust with Lin Brown stamps for Paper Artsy

2017 Topic 16: Rust

As soon as I heard the theme RUST, I thought: that's for me! I LOVE the color of rust. It also made we want to try the Rusting Powder from Paper Artsy!!

I did make some mistakes with the Rusting Powder. My first try went (partially) into the waste bin; I sprayed too much water, so the powder colored it rusty around the stamped image as well; yes I actually tried to use it on a stamped image. I could save only a part of it to make some ATC'S from. 
Rust = metal? No.. the rusting powder can be used on any surface, even on fabric. You'll discover where I have used the powder when you read on. 

YES, some home decor, A4 size. The chicken wire has been patiently waiting in my stash for several years.... 

I started the project on a piece of fabric, cotton, covered partially with white gesso. I left some edges, so it would create a frame around the main part. When dry, I added the stamping with black StazOn (on the wrong side!!) with a stampng tool.  I could not understand why it was so difficult to stamp a dark image on it, even after the third try, until I realized that I stamped on the backside.....

....BUT that's a happy accident as far as I am concerned, as I could add color more easily to the beautiful foliage stamps from Lin Brown. I used some watered-down Brown Shed Fresco Chalk Paint to color it. 

The outlines of the stamped image were done with a black marker. The gesso at the back kept it from bleeding too much! 

A close-up of the sponging in the background with PS074 and PS021, just to add some interest to the background. Do you see the structure paste on the base board with PS021? These were 'colored' with Rusting Powder, too. 

Maybe you can see the rust better on these:    

As you might have guessed: I also rusted the chicken wire by applying black structure paste to it, and make the powder stick to it before it had dried ... I sprayed it only after the paste was dry, to make sure the powder wouldn't run off from the moist. It really is like magic, it's real rust, and you wouldn't want this on metal that should not get rust on them; it smells like rust too! I sprayed it with a fixative after I was happy with the rusting effect. 

The edges around the frame is where there was no gesso at the back, and I could easily color that with wetting it, and adding distress inks.


I particularly like the way the foliage has turned out!!

AND the rust! 

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