dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

TWTT at Magemta - backgrounds!

We have a Tuesday with the Team blog (TWTT) post today on the Magenta blog! 
On one of the Tuesdays each month, we will feature DT member's tips and/or tricks in regards to a crafty topic. 
This month, the team is sharing different tips and ideas on ways to
create backgrounds.
"smooshing of Nuance to paper with an acrylic block"


I am sharing a background technique too:

 Sprinkle very little Nuance powder onto your acrylic block (3 colors) and mist it with water. 
Put your cardstock on top of the acrylic block, and turn the stack so you can see what is happening. Move the color by pressing in areas, until you are satisfied with the blending and coverage. 

Now for the difficult part: let it sit for about 10 minutes, so the water and color can get saturated by the paper. This will prevent it from having puddles of muddy color on the side you lift off the block as last.  

Finish the card as shown.  

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Swirly Flower

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  1. Wauw, een prachtige achtergrond, en heel leuke bloemetjes erop ! Bedankt voor de uitleg ! Groetjes, Enny


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