maandag 28 mei 2018

Book 18 - for series 52

week 18 : book 18 

This time a booklet from papers with eco-dyeing .. cooking the pages with vinegar etc .. 
A first time for me.. I've made notes of all the plantmaterial I've used, and the type of papers that work best etc. 
I gathered plants from our own garden, and only got to pick flowers and leaves from the back of our house; the I had more than enough.
Next time  I will pick from our front garden, and after that.. who knows where and what..

Will have to find an eucalyptus tree somewhere.. their leaves make gorgeous papers.

The book measures 10 x 14,3 centimeters and has 6 signatures; the spine was covered with tissue tape to cover the stitches of the coptic-binding.  

I've made lots more and will use some for ATC's and cards and another booklet too!

I will add some stamping and doodling in a later stage. 


I am entering this in the challenge on 
1. series 52 - just a play with creating a book every week; a challenge I set to myself.

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