vrijdag 3 juli 2020

Book 30 for series52

This is book 30 in my book series. 

Guess what I've used to make this book? 

This was a wallet... one from leather... one I've used a lot when we still had cheque books in our wallet...

At that time I was still working for Barclays International Bank in Johannesburg as a computer programmer in mainly Cobol, some 30 + years ago.. 

I might add an elastic band still to carry a pen.. 

I lined it with a floral piece of cotton.. 

I am entering this in the challenge on 

1. series 52 - just a play with creating a book.. 52 of them: a challenge I set to myself - Book 30

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  1. Oh, weer een prachtig boek, en wel eentje met een speciale herinnering van lang geleden, super ! Groetjes, Enny


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