dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Printables are so nice to use with PanPastel !

You can see how I used the new blender here... it blended the reddish colors beautifully. 
The pearlescent colors give it a gorgeous shine! The printables are from Prima.  

The background has been created with Glimmer mist. 
I made these while on vacation, I only brought these sprays (also from Colorwash) and a lot of blank cardstock. I sprayed it on the table outside in the sun near the tent. A bucket of water, water in a spray bottle and room in the tent to let them dry, is the only thing you need! O, yes - and a fork to scratch the paper, grin. People on the camping asked what on earth I was doing. I created about 100 new marvellous backgrounds, ready to use in my projects. 

I used the following PanPastel colors:
Panpastel Magenta 430.5
Panpastel Chromium Oxide Green 660.5
PanPastel Colorless Blender 010    
PanPastel Pearlescent Red 953.5
PanPastel Pearlescent Green 956.5

This is going to be my technique card for my technique-box:

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