vrijdag 30 december 2016

Colorations spray on glass?! YES!

I am on the Art Anthology blog again today, with a tutorial recycling some glass candle holders with Colorations inksprays, YES, on glass!!

Find out how in this post, and for a tutorial go see the Snapguide at the end of the post.

Here you can see the finished project as it looks during the day.
To begin with, I bought this as a whole on a flea market, with the glass being uncolored.

I used Colorations, deli paper, gesso and a stamp.
Doesn't this look yummy?

Some detail of the colored paper (the backside) after it had dried. 

With the lights and the candles both on.

With the lights out and the candles on.

 Every photo I took gave some other detail of the beautiful colors, depending on the light around it, and whether the candles or on or not. 

For information on the Colorations sprays, go see the Art Anthology blog, where it's all listed with links. 
I've created a Snapguide tutorial for you, with a step-by-step of the creation of these candle holders with the beautiful Colorations (inkspray) from Art Anthology.

I hope you will give this a try...
it's always nice to have some candles burning at night
during the darker period of the year, isn't it ?!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

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  1. Wauw Ellie, dat is zo prachtig gedaan, supermooi !! Nogmaals mijn beste wensen voor een mooi eindejaar en een gelukkig en creatief 2017 ! Enny


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