Monday, December 26, 2016

Draw or doodle something

I LOVE to doodle in my art journal. I doodled all along the edge, but decided to cover some of it with some gesso, to just break it. 
On the left I've used a scrap of colored deli paper... the tutorial on making that will be on my blog on the 30 th... so watch this space. 

A close-up of a another leftover.
 I photoghraphed this piece with light at it's back; it's see-through! 
Thanks Yvonne van Hoof  for reminding me of using deli paper; I've heard of it before, but never used it until now.
It's more sturdy than tissue wrap, and thinner than parchment paper. It's GREAT, and FUN! 

All paints and stencils I've used are from Art Anthology, the stamps from Art Journey, of course. . 

I am entering this in the challenge on 
1. Art Journey - draw or doodle something


  1. Wat een prachtige pagina, er is zoveel te bekijken, super gedaan ! Ben al benieuwd naar het deli-paper vervolg... Nogmaals een heel mooi jaareinde en de beste wensen voor 2017 ! Enny


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