donderdag 15 december 2016

Just playing - on an art journal page

I played, yes .. and I had fun..!!
This post is also on the Art Anthology blog today! 

I decided to just go with the flow... and see where that would take me. I grabbed all sorts of colors that I thought would be nice together, greens, blues, oranges and a red, velvets, sorbets and a gemstones.

 Leaf sorbet, Honolulu Blue sorbet and Limeaid velvet: scraping a tiny bit randomly over the page to make transparant layers.  Don't try to cover the whole of it with each color, just here and there, and sometimes overlapping. After this step I've used lots more colors. For that, go see the Snapguide at the bottom of the post.

A close-up of the page during the process.

A close-up of some detail of the finished page.

Those eyes really are an eye-catcher on the page - LOVE it!

Would you like to know how I did this, check out the Snapguide:
Check out How to Just Play on an Art Journal Page by Art Anthology on Snapguide. 


 Hope you've enjoyed this, and got inspired to get messy fingers too!

SEE you! 

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