woensdag 18 april 2018

Book 14 - for series 52

week 14 : book 14. 

This time a booklet with 3 signatures in an elastic band type of binding.. 

It measures 10,5 x 14,3 centimeters. 

For further info on this series : see this post

You can find this gorgeous tissue wrap here: 
Hobbycompleet De Duif - botanical collage paper. LOVE it!

The gelliprint has been made by Anette van den Berg at the Art Specially Event last weekend. She is my teamy in the DT for Hobbycompleet De Duif in Leeuwarden. I promised her I would set this beautiful print to good use!

I glued the print to a sturdy piece of cardboard.

The prints were done with Versafine Clair inks, they're gorgeous! The pattern of flowers is a stencil from Dyan Reaveley, and the pattern within the flowers has been done with an art printing stamp from Carabelle. 

The lettering has been done with black structure paste and a stencil from AALL&Create

The (3 coloured) elastic bands keep the 3 signatures in place. 

I've scored the spine of the booklet 5 times, to allow the signatures to fit nicely; the middle 3 were used to hold the elastic bands. The elastic bands were knotted on the inside of the booklet, so only a part of it is showing outside; at the bottom and top of the spine.


I am entering this in the challenge on 
1. series 52 - just a play with creating a book every week; a challenge I set to myself.

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