maandag 16 april 2018

More Than Words - Nature & Animal theme

Nature.. yes.. that is mostly what I get inspired by..  it never fails to give me new ideas and inspiration to create.
Think of all the texture and shapes,  of leaves or flowers, trees; or the beauty of the atmosphere, or the gorgeous shades of green! And animals of course. 

I tried to capture a few aspects of nature on this art journal sheet in my art journal.

The left part of the 'trees' act as a curtain for the right part, giving room to let the second fox pop out of the woods. 

As far as I am concerned these two foxes are up to all naughty things, so they will be caught by one leg, or all four for that matter, during their life. 

Ants, butterflies and squirrels would want to see that, hehe. Just my imagination...

Magenta products used:

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